Brotherly love.....

While there might be 13 years difference between our two boys, that doesn't mean they don't share the same interest and call on each other from time to time.

That's right...it might be fishing at dark for catfish or maybe even softball under the lights but when I texted them to make sure all was good Friday night and heard that Chase was helping out his brother, my heart smiled =)

He might not have been in 'uniform' but his heart was definitely in the game.

and making his way around the bases....

And this one?! Well, whether coaching...


or pitching -

he was always having fun!

We didn't get there until it was almost over but I was very happy to be able to witness these two playing on the same team.

And a "win", at that!

And, I definitely have to dig in the archives to find a picture of this guy holding Chase as a baby...and look now!

And to think, when we left these three home for the evening, we had NO idea they would end up at the ballfield =) I guess you just never know what the night brings, lol!


  1. I love to see the love between my kids....it makes my heart melt.

  2. I LOVE it !!! Great fun :)