Very, Very Scary!

This is the first year that we haven't had 'trick or treat' ers.  Well, we did have one.  But, our kids are growing up and dressing up is not a priority.  I am partly sad and partly glad.  Halloween, costumes, face painting...none of that has ever been my favorite thing to do AND Halloween has never been one of my favorite holidays.

But..I had to share this -

THIS is what happens when you let your daughter go to her boyfriends house for Halloween!  HAHA!   LOVE it.  


Practice, practice, practice

Cierra still lets us drive her around which is perfectly fine by me.

We are in NO hurry for her to be out and about on her own. Seems the roads are so busy and people are always preoccupied which makes dangerous conditions for our teens.

But, she has been practicing. A perfect, sunny Saturday makes for a perfect practice day.

Wordless Wednesday -




Well, this has definitely been a year full of change so I'm not sure why this surprised me.

Yep! Time to trade in the car that I TOTALLY loved for a new model. I put so many miles on traveling back and forth to work that every 2 1/2 or 3 years it's a 'must do'.

Obviously it had to be white. And now a little bit bigger because I did miss my 3rd seat. Some new features but for the most part, a lot of the same.

And speaking of my drive back and forth to work, I must say that there are certain times throughout the year that I LOVE the view -

These pictures were taken quickly and don't at all give the full effect but isn't it pretty?!


Bitter sweet....

After spending the last seven years with Rita as my admin, today that all changes.

Today we say 'see ya when we see ya'! to her as she begins a new chapter of her life wayyyy across the country.  Yep, Rita will be moving.

While we are sad to see her leave, will miss her immensely, yet happy to see her close to her family, we wish her well.  We wish her safe travels and we do hope to keep in touch and see her again.

Good luck Roo!  Thanks for all you have done for me the past 7 years.  Without you, my 'day job' wouldn't have been nearly as fun, successful or great!



All About Food!

It's Monday. It's rainy. It's a little chilly. But I came home to some cookin' going on in my kitchen! Cierra and Ronnie had a pot of chili underway. Now granted, I am not a chili fan but this smelled so good I had to try.

And it was Awesome!  Maybe I can be a chili fan after all, ha!

Anyway,  while they finished up, I pulled out my ALL TIME FAVORITE Banana bread mix -

Bananas just don't keep these days but.....it's all good when I smash 'em up and put in the mix =)

and then it baked to a perfect golden brown!

SO Yummy!

And speaking of food, check out these Sheetz fundraiser booklets.  For $10 you get $25 worth of free stuff.  Donuts, hot dogs, MTO's, breakfast sandwiches and even some BOGO deals.

Let us know if you want one.  $10 and good for 2 years!


A perfect place

to be Friday's Feature!

That's right, today I finally made my first stop by our newest county business.  Well, they have actually been in business for a few years but recently relocated and expanded their business.

It's been a few weeks and I have to say that every time I drive by, they are busy.  That's so good to see.

Once inside today, I was amazed at what they had done with the building which used to be a fruit stand.  

I was welcomed by Jennifer who quickly introduced herself and thanked me for stopping by.  They feature local goods within a 30 mile radius.  I had to try Aunt Irene's 1/2 lb cinnamon roll.  Wow!  Sure beats Cinnabon.  Get all the info HERE.  This was perfect with my cup of hot, dark java!

Oh and I while I didn't pick up any today, I did check out the lunch specials (including egg salad, chicken salad and wrap) featuring So Angelina's wonderful cooking skills, ha!

So, if you get a chance, stop by!  You can also 'like' them on FB HERE.  I'm sure Brian and Jennifer would be happy to have new fans.


Catchin' up on Chase...

He's been a little bit busy -

Every Saturday there's baseball -

and one of the perks of baseball is his membership to Gold's - yay!  (not sure why he looks SO happy, haha)

just about every Sunday - he's ridin'

and in between?!  Well, he has his eye on this -

lol - he's got it all planned out.  A motor from here, paint from here.  Yeah right!

But this past weekend he squeezed in Homecoming.  Here's the "Take 1" -

He went to dinner with some friends and realized he was just a little under dressed....so here's "Take 2"

ahhh  that's much better for Homecoming, huh?!

Chase is Chase and definitely keeps us going, ha!


Hey! That's my nephew!

and of course his fiancé, Tracy.

And wow!  That's Brad's truck -

oh my.....and even TWO pages -

Right in the September issue!  So Cool!

So here's the scoop -  Brad is 5 months older that Jeremy.  My first nephew.  And one we don't see as often as we would like but.....he's got some pretty exciting stuff going on.  Aside from the fact that he is getting married next year, his 'baby' made the Mini Truckin' magazine.

As the story goes, he has had this truck since 2002.  It was a gift from his grandparents looking quite a bit different.  But over the years, this truck has become his pride and joy.  Spending it's share of time in and out of shops......getting a couple make overs.

It's an awesome truck that gets quite a bit of attention, especially from Chase, ha!  He has traveled to many truck shows and won just a few trophies =)

I will admit that I could never give him enough credit or describe this truck to do it justice but if you're really interested, pick up your copy.  I can say that we are proud of him and so happy to see his truck here.

Congratulations Brad!  He also do have a nice write up thanking a few people, including Tracy, lol!