All About Food!

It's Monday. It's rainy. It's a little chilly. But I came home to some cookin' going on in my kitchen! Cierra and Ronnie had a pot of chili underway. Now granted, I am not a chili fan but this smelled so good I had to try.

And it was Awesome!  Maybe I can be a chili fan after all, ha!

Anyway,  while they finished up, I pulled out my ALL TIME FAVORITE Banana bread mix -

Bananas just don't keep these days but.....it's all good when I smash 'em up and put in the mix =)

and then it baked to a perfect golden brown!

SO Yummy!

And speaking of food, check out these Sheetz fundraiser booklets.  For $10 you get $25 worth of free stuff.  Donuts, hot dogs, MTO's, breakfast sandwiches and even some BOGO deals.

Let us know if you want one.  $10 and good for 2 years!

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