Hey! That's my nephew!

and of course his fiancé, Tracy.

And wow!  That's Brad's truck -

oh my.....and even TWO pages -

Right in the September issue!  So Cool!

So here's the scoop -  Brad is 5 months older that Jeremy.  My first nephew.  And one we don't see as often as we would like but.....he's got some pretty exciting stuff going on.  Aside from the fact that he is getting married next year, his 'baby' made the Mini Truckin' magazine.

As the story goes, he has had this truck since 2002.  It was a gift from his grandparents looking quite a bit different.  But over the years, this truck has become his pride and joy.  Spending it's share of time in and out of shops......getting a couple make overs.

It's an awesome truck that gets quite a bit of attention, especially from Chase, ha!  He has traveled to many truck shows and won just a few trophies =)

I will admit that I could never give him enough credit or describe this truck to do it justice but if you're really interested, pick up your copy.  I can say that we are proud of him and so happy to see his truck here.

Congratulations Brad!  He also do have a nice write up thanking a few people, including Tracy, lol!

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