Ash Wednesday Service

"remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return"
We enjoyed Pastor Joanna's Ash Wednesday service. This was a joint service for Leetown and Middleway. Each of us had the opportunity to write a confession on a small sheet of paper which was collected and burned. What a great way to kick off the season of Lent.

I really wonder what Chase was thinking...wouldn't it be great to be 10 again....



Heading to Daytona....

This year we decided to take Chase out of school for the kick-off of the 2009 Nascar season. Cierra and Britt stayed home to take care of things there. We left on Saturday after Britt's graduation, really in no hurry. Here's a few sights worth sharing....

This is a 'father/son' situation. At one of our stops for gas we witnessed this....the Dad's crack is showing but you gotta check out the son's shirt - "If you can read this, the Hooter's girl fell off" - hilarious!!


Crockett's Cup

Each night before Chase goes to bed he and Ronnie play Foosball. This has become soooo competitive that they now have a "Reigning Foosball Champion" trophy. Obviously whoever wins gets to put the trophy in their room and it stays there until the other wins. I honestly think the trophy stays in Chase's room more than Ronnie's office LOL!