Just an annual thing....

This is my 2nd post about the Daytona 500.  I guess that just might sum up that for some reason I miss it.  Maybe it's because the weather has been awesome.  Maybe it's just my frame of mind, ha!

Regardless, Thursday Ronnie and I took off the afternoon to watch the Duels -

I picked up some subs from Jersey Mike's -

And, we watched the race.  

The weekend hits and we plan for our Sunday, Daytona 500 event =)

We headed to the store early Sunday morning, stopped for brunch at iHop then home to prepare our feast, ha!

Cream of Asparagus soup, crescent rolls with meat and cheese and some mac'n'cheese.  Yummy....

And then the pre race show.... LOVE Zac Brown!

and of course a bit of history...Danika!  

Definitely rooting for her!!

Then there's the 'kick-off" -

and honestly, it was pretty boring.  Freight train racing as they called it....But the last 13 laps (or so) it got interesting....

and then the winner.....ugh - no surprise!

which took me back to 2007.  Without prompting, Chase loved Jimmie Johnson.  He was his all time hero!  After the race, back at the campground, Chase was riding his bike and came running into the RV.  He was so excited because he saw Jimmie.  Of course, we didn't believe him but went outside.  Sure enough, it was real.  Jimmie was in the campground and stopped to chat with his #1 fan, lol!

How COOL was that!?  Seriously...can you just see the excitement?!  Definitely a moment we won't forget.  

So...congratulations Jimmie!!



Friday's have been our 'night' for the past several years. It started as a dinner date and transpired into finding new places to wine and then dine. To add to the fun of our evenings, for the past few years music is a 'must'. We have met SO many talented musicians. We know many now and tend to follow those favorites (there's quite a few, ha!).

Last Friday evening we went to Knob Hall. We hadn't been in a while and it just so happened to be the winemaker/owner's birthday!

The place had changed a little since we were there and very festive for Valentine's day -

The wine was perfect =)

And the music?!  Well, we hadn't heard Brian Keith before but we weren't disappointed!

And he definitely has a new fan -

We even made some new friends -

who had dinner with us at one of our favorite restaurants -

LOVE the Tour of Italy!

So the purpose of this post is two-fold.  If you're looking for a quaint place to go on Friday night, check out Knob Hall - and if you hear of Brian Keith playing someplace close to you, check him out.  He plays such a variety of music....definitely something for everyone.


A new smile -

Last night Cierra and Chase's 4H club joined forces with 'Saddles and Smiles' by helping out with the horses. They walked beside some of the children as they rode. It's so amazing to see what happiness animals bring to the children.

I enjoy seeing them help others and they enjoy being around the horses, too.

Oh and do you notice anything different about Chase's smile?!  Yep....no braces.  YAY!!


Another change?!

For many, many years Ronnie would head south for a week to ten days and enjoy warmer weather, sunshine and soak up the sounds of cars going round and round the track!

Back in 2008 and 2009 it was changed up a bit and we actually went with him.  This was our home for a week -

But things changed, the weather wasn't 'perfect' and it was harder and harder to take the children out of school.  So, we began watching the Daytona 500 and other races from the comfort of Crockett's Tavern.

Tonight is the kick off!  Yay! - Meatballs, crab cakes, salad......and we will sit back and watch the -

Oh but that's funny....it's no longer called the Bud Shoot Out....it's now the Sprint Unlimited.  Ugh!  Oh well, it's still fun times.  So here's to the 2013 Nascar season!

So much to say....

Yep, I actually do have so many things to blog about but for some reason I just can't settle down and write.  Maybe its because I'm starting to get kinda 'cited because if 41 days I'll be here -

and I SERIOUSLY cannot wait!  A week in sunny, sandy, warm Myrtle Beach is just what the doctor ordered   =)

Have a great weekend and I'll try to carve out some time to catch up on my blogging.  Happy Saturday ya'all!


a new 'like' -

Last week while in Des Moines, Tara was adamant that we go to a Mexican restaurant downtown so she could have some guacamole.  Hmmm I am not a fan of the yucky, green stuff that resembles baby peas.  =(  But, being the good sport that I am, ha!  I agreed to go, knowing there must be something I like.

After work we headed here - Dos Rios, downtown Des Moines

And sure enough, right at the top of the menu was the guacamole!

So Tara explained that this isn't your typical guacamole.  She explained that they would actually make it right at our table.  And sure enough, soon after we sat the 'man' appeared, asking what size we wanted in that black bowl....

A 1/2 order, mild and chunky is what she ordered.  Then comes the cart....look at the chips under neath....

And soon he went to work -

The final product!

And I actually liked it!  Of course Tara was super excited, lol!

When I got home I told Ronnie.  He is not a fan either but after I explained, I think he would try it now too.  And how funny that this came in the mail today.....

Yep, right here at home and I didn't even know it.  Guess we'll be checkin' this place out!



a few weeks ago I headed up to Minnesota and boy was it COLD! I was told to pack some warm clothes as we had a team ‘outdoor’ event. Really?! Who the heck has an outdoor activity when the wind chill is minus 30 degrees?!

Once there, I adjusted. Honestly the cold is very different from home. I was very interested in the lake that we had actually visited during the summer. We had our meeting here -

And the lake is FROZEN..... Here’s the summer pic -

And now the winter -

Hmmm and check out the car ON the lake :/

Oh, I was informed that is very common. There are ice houses on the lake this time of year. Fully furnished with heaters, tv’s, cook tops and even coolers for the ‘drink’s. Serioiusly?! Who does that? Do they really need to fish that bad?! I really wanted to see but it got dark before we could make our way around the lake.

I do love the ice cubes lining the sidewalk instead of flowers....

This sign can be seen at Port Excelsior -

But even I didn’t follow directions =)

Just had to say I stood on Lake Minnetonka when it was frozen.

I have to admit though that I like Maryland’s way of thinking better than Minnesota – Let me know what you think. Here’s how Maryland does their horse rides - 

They even had their horses decked out!

And Minnesota...ummmm where's the canopy, lol

 Things that make you go hmmmm.  Have a great Tuesday!