I got a lot done today but tonight was kinda blah.  No plans.  I tried to sit home but just couldn't, lol.  I can only watch tv and look at my laptop so much in one week.  So...I headed to Target.  It's funny because an evening at the winery is much, much cheaper =)

I hit Chick-fil-a for my unsweetened tea and a salad then plopped back in front of the tv.  

Yes, I am wayyy behind but I am just watching the 2012 CMT music awards.  I love country music so it was good with me.  

And then.....ahhh!  My FAVORITE summertime song that I hear all year 'round 

Yep!  Little Big Town sung their heart out.

And as I sit here with two wood stoves going and a blanket; 13 degrees outside, I am SO ready for summer.  AND, I feel better =)

Music definitely soothes the soul -  Have a great weekend ya'all!

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