Just an annual thing....

This is my 2nd post about the Daytona 500.  I guess that just might sum up that for some reason I miss it.  Maybe it's because the weather has been awesome.  Maybe it's just my frame of mind, ha!

Regardless, Thursday Ronnie and I took off the afternoon to watch the Duels -

I picked up some subs from Jersey Mike's -

And, we watched the race.  

The weekend hits and we plan for our Sunday, Daytona 500 event =)

We headed to the store early Sunday morning, stopped for brunch at iHop then home to prepare our feast, ha!

Cream of Asparagus soup, crescent rolls with meat and cheese and some mac'n'cheese.  Yummy....

And then the pre race show.... LOVE Zac Brown!

and of course a bit of history...Danika!  

Definitely rooting for her!!

Then there's the 'kick-off" -

and honestly, it was pretty boring.  Freight train racing as they called it....But the last 13 laps (or so) it got interesting....

and then the winner.....ugh - no surprise!

which took me back to 2007.  Without prompting, Chase loved Jimmie Johnson.  He was his all time hero!  After the race, back at the campground, Chase was riding his bike and came running into the RV.  He was so excited because he saw Jimmie.  Of course, we didn't believe him but went outside.  Sure enough, it was real.  Jimmie was in the campground and stopped to chat with his #1 fan, lol!

How COOL was that!?  Seriously...can you just see the excitement?!  Definitely a moment we won't forget.  

So...congratulations Jimmie!!

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