Truth be known, I am NOT a fan of change.  I do pretty good at work because as we know, work is constant change but...when it comes to personal/home, I FAIL =(

Times have changed.  Seasons have changed.  My life has changed.  I deal.  It is what it is.  I have been cleaning closets, sorting stuff and making deliveries to Good Will, a local consignment shop, trash, post office (ebay sales), churches and friends that are in need of books.

It feels good to simplify.  Get rid of the crap.  Reduce clutter.  But tonight is kinda bitter sweet.  There was a time that I loved to sew.  I loved going to classes.  I loved making presents for family.  Those days are gone which means it was time to sell this -

I listed it on ebay and sure enough, SOLD!  To someone that will LOVE it, lol!

So, I'm putting my big girl panties on and dealing with all the change in my life.  Today I am happy though, I am lucky enough to deal with this change -

Yep, Chase moved on up to the high school baseball team.  YAY!  Cuz ya'all know how much I LOVE baseball.  So bring it on!  Come on Spring!  I'm ready.

Happy Monday =)

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