Fall beauty

I love, LOVE the beach.  Warm weather.  Sand.  Palm Trees.  The sea splashing at my feet.  I would live there in a minute.  But...for now we are very blessed to be able to see the trees changing colors in preparation for cooler weather.  The mountains are an advantage of living where we live and we haven't missed a year of experiencing the views.

Today we participated in a ride hosted by HD Apparel aka Tina Renner.  We enjoyed breakfast at Homestretch then headed off (beating the rain) Kickstands up at 10.

To say it was beautiful feels like an understatement.

Our first stop was Cooters - he was there signing autographs but was enjoying his time with everyone so we didn't hang around.  We will definitely stop there again.

Our next stop was lunch -

Great food & an awesome server.....Betty =)

Then back out for more views.

Be easy.....it was kinda hard snapping pics at 45 - 60 mph.  Enjoy -

And check out the population of this little town -

Such a great day with 'new' friends who welcomed us to the ride and certainly made us feel like part of the group.  We were home by 4:30, just in time to see the last 40 laps of the race where Jr. missed out and didn't make the Chase.  Oh well...he had an awesome year regardless.


Please pray.....

Yesterday morning the update was posted.  Raw.  Personal.  Heartbreaking.  At this point only a miracle can spare Joey from this horrible disease they call 'cancer'.

Please say a prayer for her, Rory and Indy.  They need all the prayers they can get.

I have the utmost respect and admiration for Rory.   I tend to keep most of the personal and painful topics, days, thoughts and situations from my blog.  Mostly because I feel I have so much to be thankful for and who really wants to hear sad news.  Sad thoughts.  Sad situations.  But Rory is such an awesome writer and knows that we all care.  We all want to know.  Most of us feel like family.

Here are two ways to keep up with Rory & Joey -



Thanks for your prayers.  I am trying to convince one of my friends  co-workers prayer warriors to take a road trip with me.  I would love to visit them.

This song is awesome.  Get your tissues ready.


Simple days -

For the most part they are gone.  Nothing seems 'simple' any more.  But this morning when I opened my e:mail and saw this -

I was very excited.  Someone told me about the 'adult' coloring books and I have them on my Christmas list.  I remember the days that I would spend hours yes HOURS just coloring.  Picking that perfect color to make the picture 'real like'.  And the best days were when my "MA" would color with me.  She was just as particular as me and took her sweet ole' time making sure to stay in the lines and color a picture that looked like a painting.

Yes, I miss those days but as the ad says....coloring keeps us calm.  Check out Michael's awesome selection by clicking HERE

Maybe I will just have to get one before Christmas since there are so many options.  Have a colorful day =)  xo



I have to admit, I keep every button -

Evidence =)  Am I the only one that keeps those 'extra' buttons that come in that tiny ziploc baggie?  

I was so excited to learn that today is National Button Day - I have all sizes 

Because......you just never know when you are going to need that 'certain' button.  They certainly come in handy with those creative sewing projects where you need mis-matches, ha!  But, the best part is I absolutely cannot CANNOT be alone.  Why would National Button Day be created if I was the only one that has a stash of buttons.

So....to all my 'button' friends.  Cheers there is a day just for our addiction!


'make shift' -

Last week I traveled to Minneapolis and stayed downtown.  Yes...gotta love the city traffic -

I love my drive to work.  Country roads.  Fall colors.  Tolerable traffic.  But - it's all good to experience this from time to time.  Patience.

And then there's the skyline -

One of these days/trips I am going to take Ronnie and/or Chase and/or Cierra with me.  I think they would appreciate the experience.   Once checked in, I always like to settle in my room.  My rooms are always so different.  But I do my best to make it my 'make shift' home for the week or a few days.  I always take pictures.  Some day I will have to put them all together.

And I do love me some room service -

In bed early to be on my toes for the all day meeting -  Through the skyways to the Wells Fargo building.  It's actually pretty cool.  It was rainy and yet I didn't even need a jacket or umbrella.  What a beautiful building -

and check out one of the 'original' Wells Fargo stagecoaches -

can you seriously imagine 18 people inside this thing for weeks at a time.  Whew.....I guess that city traffic isn't so bad.

Soooo tempting, hehe

In all my years of traveling to Minneapolis for work I never NEVER knew there was a Wells Fargo Museum.    Check back tomorrow for a peek into what that entailed.


Wow -

Sometimes I allow myself to get lost.  To get lost in a song I am listening to.  To get lost in a book I am reading.  To get lost on Amazon =).  But some of the best places I have gotten lost in are blogs.  One leads to another and then to another and this is how it’s been for the past 6 years.  It’s truly hard to believe it has been that long.  

Several years ago Ronnie told me about a song that Joey & Rory sang.  I honestly can’t remember which one it was but I know I loved it and quickly downloaded their album from iTunes.  I have continued to follow them, not for the music but for their life.  Rory writes his blog posts in a way that makes you feel a part of their family.  Sometimes sad but always enlightening and full of Faith.  

Last week I received an e:mail with an update on Joey’s cancer treatments.  I got stuck there but somehow he turns the focus from sad to prayer to what he is working on in his ‘spare’ time.  You MUST click HERE....

This is truly an amazing story/family/life.  I’m not one to watch movies but this one……..well, I just might have to.  Why not when I feel like I personally know the writer.  I LOVE ‘finds’ like this one and hope to continue with them on whatever road they take.  

Here's a pic of Joey, Rory & Indy -