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Sometimes I allow myself to get lost.  To get lost in a song I am listening to.  To get lost in a book I am reading.  To get lost on Amazon =).  But some of the best places I have gotten lost in are blogs.  One leads to another and then to another and this is how it’s been for the past 6 years.  It’s truly hard to believe it has been that long.  

Several years ago Ronnie told me about a song that Joey & Rory sang.  I honestly can’t remember which one it was but I know I loved it and quickly downloaded their album from iTunes.  I have continued to follow them, not for the music but for their life.  Rory writes his blog posts in a way that makes you feel a part of their family.  Sometimes sad but always enlightening and full of Faith.  

Last week I received an e:mail with an update on Joey’s cancer treatments.  I got stuck there but somehow he turns the focus from sad to prayer to what he is working on in his ‘spare’ time.  You MUST click HERE....

This is truly an amazing story/family/life.  I’m not one to watch movies but this one……..well, I just might have to.  Why not when I feel like I personally know the writer.  I LOVE ‘finds’ like this one and hope to continue with them on whatever road they take.  

Here's a pic of Joey, Rory & Indy -

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