'make shift' -

Last week I traveled to Minneapolis and stayed downtown.  Yes...gotta love the city traffic -

I love my drive to work.  Country roads.  Fall colors.  Tolerable traffic.  But - it's all good to experience this from time to time.  Patience.

And then there's the skyline -

One of these days/trips I am going to take Ronnie and/or Chase and/or Cierra with me.  I think they would appreciate the experience.   Once checked in, I always like to settle in my room.  My rooms are always so different.  But I do my best to make it my 'make shift' home for the week or a few days.  I always take pictures.  Some day I will have to put them all together.

And I do love me some room service -

In bed early to be on my toes for the all day meeting -  Through the skyways to the Wells Fargo building.  It's actually pretty cool.  It was rainy and yet I didn't even need a jacket or umbrella.  What a beautiful building -

and check out one of the 'original' Wells Fargo stagecoaches -

can you seriously imagine 18 people inside this thing for weeks at a time.  Whew.....I guess that city traffic isn't so bad.

Soooo tempting, hehe

In all my years of traveling to Minneapolis for work I never NEVER knew there was a Wells Fargo Museum.    Check back tomorrow for a peek into what that entailed.

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