The hardest part....

of visiting the beach is leaving.  The night before I always get a sad feeling.  Ronnie knows it and has adjusted.  I become quiet.  I honestly can't explain it.  I dread the next morning.  I feel like something is being taken away.  Very odd. BUT....Ronnie also knows how to make it better -

A perfect cup of coffee -

Some very special blueberry & strawberry crepes -

That was breakfast =)

And then halfway home we stop at my favorite Kent Island lunch spot -

and who wouldn't be happy with their own pitcher of tea?!

I was able to say that I put my feet in the sand, too.  Our weekend was so busy we didn't even make it to the actual beach.  This made me happy -

And even happier?!  My club sandwich and Ronnie's ahi tuna - ahhhh

So yes, it's hard to leave but Ronnie makes it all the better.  Whenever we do leave, I always have reservations for the next time.  ha!  Always have a plan.  So that wrapped up our weekend.  Perfect Weather.  Perfect company/family.  Perfect 'cottage'.  Couldn't have wished for more.

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