Nanny - this is just for you!  Happy Grandparent's day =)

We are glad you have your computer back AND we could make you chuckle, LOL.


My entire life....

yes, I said ENTIRE life I have lived in West Virginia.  Actually within a 10 mile radius.  But....today was the first time I visited Keyser -

The home of Potomac State Baseball -  Yay....

Chase played on their field today.  It was HOT, HUMID and MISERABLE but worth the drive.  The campus is located in the mountains  

And such a pretty setting....horses all around.  Chase even got to catch the speed of our pitchers =)

They lost but played a good game.  This game officially kicked off the season and I'm pretty happy about it.  Welcome Fall.  Welcome Fall Ball!


Happy Labor Day!

This isn't one of my favorite holidays given it's kinda the end of summer but......I hope everyone has a great weekend and Labor Day.

According to wikipedia, it's the end of a great time when everyone has to return to work, geez.....see why it's not my fav holiday?!  

Oh well,  Cheers to a great Fall...