Happy Birthday Brandon

We hope you have a great birthday. While we can't enjoy a birthday dinner, or sing Happy Birthday or even see you blow out your candles, that doesn't mean we aren't thinking about you on this 'special' birthday! Be safe and we'll see you soon -


These EYES

soon looked like this....Today was another beautiful day so we decided to go to one of my favorite places and ride bikes! This time we were blessed with Kayden going along...she would have NOTHING to do with a helmet so....we opted for her Dora hat (sorry Mom and Dad=).She figured out it was Kayden in Poppy's glasses, haha!We rode over 8 miles - it was soooo beautiful! Ronnie and I decided it would be really fun to camp out on one of our Friday night's =) I'm not thinking the kids want to join us, though!because it doesn't look the RV will be part of the trip, lol!

But....we heard "a train a coming" - and Kayden was excited! And when it was gone, this was what we saw! Where did it go?

So...we opted for a photo shoot...
And Kayden's Aunt Cierra LOVES her so - Then home for some DORA! Even Uncle Chase watched...Then some chicken on a Dora plate - now some Christmas shopping with Poppy! Wow, it's been a really busy day =)


One Week Ago -

We received presents, ha!from "friends" we love spending time with

who know how to have a little bit of funand who have now been initiated into the "Friday Night Crew"! Welcome to the club, Denise and Darryll.....


The view

or should I say VIEWS?!

Yes, the horse is dead but......I LOVE Fall and the many colors that come with the season. This year either I'm more receptive or the colors are more vibrant. Here's the view from our breakfast nook -and this is the beauty I see each morning - I had an appointment in Carroll County on Monday and it was a pretty ride -but...yesterday morning I felt like I was in Colorado....check these pics out.

Yes these are clouds but doesn't it look like snow capped mountains? I'm sure it's just as beautiful where you live but had to share!


We searched...

and searched...and searched - but the whole time it was right under our nose. Yep, Ronnie and I have been looking for the perfect barrel for our bar. It has to be just the right size. We called, priced, googled and checked yard sales in search of our barrel.

But....today he discovered it was right under our nose, right in Dad's building, lol! As expected, a deal was worked. A trade - a BUD hood for this barrel. PERFECT! and now it sits in our bar, just waiting for the Poker or Scrabble board...either way, lots of fun will be had with this new conversation piece, ha! Thanks Dad!



to be persistent
refuse to stop
to persist steadfastly in pursuit of an undertaking, task, journey or mission in spite of distraction, difficulty, obstacles or discouragement These are all descriptions of this young man - Brian had never played football. PERIOD. But his commitment to one of our local middle school's football team is something to be proud of. He didn't miss ONE practice, attended every game, and even convinced his Dad to practice with him on nights he didn't have official practice. Brian did whatever was asked of him. This included moving equipment, being the team's "water boy" and even sitting on the sidelines game after game after game. BUT...he never gave up or got frustrated; he persevered knowing he was one of those "boys of Fall". This would be a time in his life he would never forget.

During the very last few games Brian wasn't asked to move equipment, be the "water boy" or even sit on the bench....he was asked to PLAY for just a small segment and....he did just that!

Brian as your friends, we are very proud of you and your commitment. You are well beyond your years in many ways and we are very blessed to not only know you but see you frequently. Many children your age wouldn't have persevered - we are glad you did! Be proud!


Annual Pumpkin Carving -

Wow - it was such a beautiful day today we were able to hold our "Annual Pumpkin Carving" event outside! Yay!! Kayden loved it too, lol!
Here's what it looked like before they started (except for Brandon....he was a little late)...Some came completely prepared for the job while other's put together their plan at the last minute, hmmm. Looks like Cierra was getting some guidance from the 'big sis', hahaand these two were working away - pretty much everyone was working quietly -
Then Brandon arrived - no time to lose, started cutting right away!
Kayden and I took a break for a little while - A lot of progress had been made - a bucket full of 'guts'!Oh no - gotta get the seeds out!Kayden cooked up some dinner for us -but this is what was really cookin' - (all of my kids LOVE Italian so it's easy to feed them =)

Pumpkins are finished up - All of our children are pretty creative but Halloween has always been the holiday that Jeremy has done his best work - I think you'll agree, DORA looks perfect! They are all GREAT! Each one had meaning....A perfect photo op with all of them here....Brandon will be leaving again soon -Now Kayden wants to "hang out" in the tree - Here's the 'finished products' all lit up!I am NOT a fan of the 'blow up' decorations but Poppy dug this one out and set it up for Kayden - she had a lot of fun poking and pushing them, lol!We said good night to all - What a wonderful day! Good food and fun makes me very grateful for the time we get to spend with our children. We have so much to be thankful for.


THESE are my people -

Boss's Day kinda came and went. It was last Saturday so a little tougher to recognize/acknowledge your boss but...my team always does such a great job. On Monday I actually worked down in Tyson's Corner so on Tuesday this is what was waiting for me...
I have the best team!

My admin is actually my boss - she keeps me on track, knows what I need before I even ask and brings a lot of fun to the group. She does far more than she should on any give day and for the most part doesn't get recognized. I did notice something new on her desk a few weeks ago - LOL! I completely understand why she would feel that way, ha!

Yesterday we had our annual picnic. It was a little chillier than we had hoped but it was a beautiful afternoon. With that said, THESE are my people!Of course I have to mention my boss - he's been great and has been my longest boss in the last 19 years. I have learned so much from him however recently learned he's moving on to another job. Luckily we will still be able to work together but I will certainly miss him!