Count Down!

Tonight was the last 'major' training before the event. We worked out at home then headed to the towpath. Can I just say "I LOVE the towpath?" We went 'up stream' tonight which is much more scenic.....along the way - this is how it looked when we started and this is what it looked like when we finished - 4 miles later, ha!We headed to Applebees for a quick dinner then home for a good night's rest!I'm hooked on these 'won ton tacos'It's gonna be a busy weekend so we're trying to stay focused.

But - there's a funny story to be told....a few years ago, a Capital Meat salesman pulled into our drive and I couldn't say NO so....i ended up spending $100 on meat sold out of the back of a pick-up in a freezer ;( (that we ended up giving away because it was soooo horrible) To this day I haven't lived that down so - when this truck was in the parking lot Ronnie was quick to remind me, lol!

Happy Friday!

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  1. Towpath looks beautiful !!! That won ton taco looks great too , yum !!!