The view

or should I say VIEWS?!

Yes, the horse is dead but......I LOVE Fall and the many colors that come with the season. This year either I'm more receptive or the colors are more vibrant. Here's the view from our breakfast nook -and this is the beauty I see each morning - I had an appointment in Carroll County on Monday and it was a pretty ride -but...yesterday morning I felt like I was in Colorado....check these pics out.

Yes these are clouds but doesn't it look like snow capped mountains? I'm sure it's just as beautiful where you live but had to share!


  1. Beautiful pics! We barely have tree's that have turned colors because it's been so warm. It's supposed to start getting cold this week, though.

  2. I love your ride to work :) I wouldn't mind going each day if I had this view !

  3. The horse is dead.. rude! haha.. Could have picked a better sayin'.. JK
    ashley - (idk how to do this)