Class of 1980

Last night Ronnie and I spent the evening with many of my graduating classmates - This person I honestly hadn't seen in 30 years! It's pretty hard to believe since we both stayed in the county but for whatever reason our paths never crossed. Luckily we sat at the same table and found that we have a lot in common..(and it's not just that our husbands are 'two of a kind', lol!Here's an interesting fact - Dawn and Ronnie graduated together as did Andy and I. We were the only couple that could say that, ha!I did get to see my cousin, he was the bartender...And sadly, we remembered another of my cousins.....5 years ago she left this life for a better place - I think everyone had a great time - I know we did!

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  1. We would have to take 3 of these pics to get my whole graduating class! You looked fab, and that is so funny your husbands look a lot alike.

    I think I want you to do a makeover for me! I love your new blog look! or at least show me how to do it.