THESE are my people -

Boss's Day kinda came and went. It was last Saturday so a little tougher to recognize/acknowledge your boss but...my team always does such a great job. On Monday I actually worked down in Tyson's Corner so on Tuesday this is what was waiting for me...
I have the best team!

My admin is actually my boss - she keeps me on track, knows what I need before I even ask and brings a lot of fun to the group. She does far more than she should on any give day and for the most part doesn't get recognized. I did notice something new on her desk a few weeks ago - LOL! I completely understand why she would feel that way, ha!

Yesterday we had our annual picnic. It was a little chillier than we had hoped but it was a beautiful afternoon. With that said, THESE are my people!Of course I have to mention my boss - he's been great and has been my longest boss in the last 19 years. I have learned so much from him however recently learned he's moving on to another job. Luckily we will still be able to work together but I will certainly miss him!

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