A new tradition?


The Wine Fest started at noon but we noticed a line forming shortly after 11 a.m. Wow, what's the hurry? So we headed home, took showers and got ready for what we really came for - and at 1:00 the line was still really long, wow! The weather was absolutely beautiful - not a cloud in the sky. But it was sooooo worth the wait. We made our way 'in', passed the age requirements, (haha) then received our 'tickets' for a fun time - Once inside we followed the wine trail around the outside perimeter. Tasting, marking our sheets and choosing our favorites. We purchased a chilled bottle from a New York winery and took it to the sand. While Ronnie went to get our chairs, I chatted with a couple of young ladies that were they having a great time. One even had some beads with 'boobs' around her neck =) I decided to ask one of them if she would take our picture. Of course she said "yeah" and followed me to the chairs. Once there, she plopped right down on Ronnie's lap and smiled - ready for the picture, lol! Obviously she misunderstood but it was all in good fun so I snapped the picture -I chuckled and asked if she minded taking one of us?! She said "sure"! It was pretty comical but she didn't clue in. Several couples around us certainly thought it was pretty funny, too =)Oh and I can't forget to mention the baguette - They were selling fresh bread for $3. A lady in front of us asked if we would be interested in sharing one with her since it was about 18" long. Of course we were game. She bought it and immediately turned to us, tearing the bread in half and handed me our 'portion', lol! As with any festival that involves alcohol, you see all kinds of sights. We have been to our share of Kenny Chesney and Jimmy Buffet concerts but have never witnessed fans jumping rope with bras tied together!Security was pretty good, too - Oh but he liked to have fun - And here's some "must have's" I LOVE these glasses, haha!
We made our way back through the inside vendors and chose our next bottle from a Maryland Vineyard. This guy's wife is an artist - she designed the labels for these wines. Pretty cool, huh?As expected, it did get a little more crazy as the day went on. These girls were building a cheer pyramid - The picnic tables were pretty popular even some men enjoyed the stage, lol! I even had my time on the real stage! And then there were the grapes - Truly, fun was had by ALL ages - here's a young school teacher telling Ronnie about how her 7th graders were bringing vodka to school in water bottles! Oh my - can you tell she was very animated, lol? And here's a man out for some fun - not sure if he was actually drinking wine or more interested in all the sights, ha!But the bottom line is - Ronnie and I had a BLAST! And we're already planning for next year!

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  1. After our trip to the Wine Fest, I always search to make sure our tradition is represented with "class" on the web...I am one of the Ladies of the Grape, or "bra ladies" as we have become known for. Your pictures are wonderful and maybe we will see you next year! This was our 12th or 13th year going, always a good time!
    Be well.... "a bra lady!"