Support the Cause -

With October being Breast Cancer awareness month it's not uncommon to see pink ribbons everywhere. I LOVE it that the NLF teams all have pink towels, gloves, mouth pieces and other 'accessories' in support of this cause. The Pampered Chef has a handful of 'pink' items to purchase with a percentage of the proceeds going to breast cancer research. And, the list goes on and on.

Our family has two survivors - my Mom and Grandmother....with that in mind, Ronnie and I support a few friends each year in the Susan G. Komen walk, and pretty much anything else that comes our way that we can help with or support. The Wine Fest was even promoting awareness - proceeds from the purchase of this 'coconut' shirt will go to research. This guy is all about supporting, too =)
So....for all you women out there - have you had your yearly check yet?!

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