A very small package....

but filled with so much hope.

Mendie shared a recent 'find' with me last week. Once I opened the link, I was immediately hooked. The words I read were so full of emotion. The accessories were so fitting. The people were so real.

Without a doubt, 2012 has been very challenging for me. I know, it's only April but most  some of you have no idea how challenging it really has been.  So, as I look at my wrist and truly believe everything happens for a reason (although I can't quite find that reason yet, ha!), reading stories about other people and their troubles sometimes brings me peace.

So now I share this with you so you too can begin to "Trust Your Journey" if there are some unknowns if your life.

Of course, I just had to have something to touch, wear, feel so when my small package came today, I was actually excited - and can't wait to wear this -

"Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever."  Keri Russell

and the packaging?!

What about a necklace that says "Strong Women.  May we know them.  May we raise them.  May we be them."  LOVE it!

Just thought I'd share =)


Happy Birthday!

To our TRACK Star!

Our Baseball Pro!

Our Goat man!

and last but not least - our 14 year old son!

Happy Birthday Chase!  We love you very much and hope you have a wonderful day!


With a little work....

or maybe a lot of hard work, lol!
and a boss like this -
Arrow should be in shape in a few weeks -
and actually Bow didn't do half bad either -

It is that time of year where evenings are spent working with the 'projects' especially with weigh-ins this weekend.

Before we know it, they will be all grown up and at the County Fair!  Time sure flies these days...


wordless speechless breathtaking priceless Wednesday!


Just another town?!

Nope.....not hardly!
It looks like we found the Seafood Capital of South Carolina and a beautiful water town it is!

a place where those lost at sea were remembered -

with reference to Psalm 77:19 "Thy way is in the sea".

It was great to spend yet another afternoon near the water and the best part of the day was our 'huge' catch, lol!


Happy Earth Day!

We are surrounded by mountains.
Mountains are everywhere.
The mountains are beautiful from Spring through Fall.

Last week was just another example of the beauty.   Happy Earth Day....Maybe we should all think 'green' just a little bit more!



Little did we know when we were paying for a 'special' souvenier that the guy bringing the lady taking our money some food was Bubba!

One afternoon we stopped here -
it was another beautiful afternoon and as we were walking on the boardwalk, a Goat Island sticker caught my eye. After being explained that goats really lived here and were just brought back from being at the farm for the winter
I realized this was all part of Bubba's Love Shack!
We asked for a table out back to enjoy the scenery and weather and our afternoon snack -
We read the story about Bubba which was very interesting. I asked if he was still there so we could meet him and take advantage of a photo op. Unfortunately we missed him so we had to opt for Plan B -
And on the way out I hit the 'outhouse' -
I washed my hands and looked in the mirror -
obviously this wasn't meant for me but it was pretty funny =)

Yep, I think he probably means it when he says -


Just Chase....

Chase loved the 'night life' so wasn't a fan of doing anything that required him to be out of bed before noon, but, we were able to pull him away one day for what we call some "Chase time".

Mini golf was our first stop -
of course, he beat both of us -
I even got him to stop for a photo-op
But taking all his quarters to feed the fish is still his favorite thing to do, ha!

Our next stop was Broadway at the Beach!
within 50 seconds -
he had built this -
I guess he still is a kid at heart =)

It took another 30 plus minutes -
several changes

and patience from this lady
before it was finished
and all boxed up

so we could be seated at Crabby Mike's before our coupon expired, lol!
and he could have his favorite food -
I think he had a pretty fun day!


Georgetown -

On Thursday the ball game that Cierra and Courtney wanted to watch just happened to be five minutes from the quaint, beautiful, water town of Georgetown.
After dropping them off, within minutes we were walking along the dock taking in the beauty -

It was a busy little place -
But I was happy to find a 'wishing well'! Two wishes for me =)
there seems to be one of these everywhere down south, ha!
anyone wanna guess what this is? (I had no idea!)
If you guessed an 'old time' treadmill you're right. If you guessed a see-saw, you're with me, lol. 

We even had time for a quick bite at Buzz's Roost - I hope you can read the menu and info about Buzz.---- I asked if it was true and our waitress said "yep, I think so!"
yummy crab balls and oysters -

It was a pretty cool waterfront restaurant and we couldn't have ordered better weather.
We later learned that during 'peak' season you can actually come down to the dock, wait for the boats and get fresh seafood right off the boats. I'm thinking that sounds like a good plan next time we're in town.