A very small package....

but filled with so much hope.

Mendie shared a recent 'find' with me last week. Once I opened the link, I was immediately hooked. The words I read were so full of emotion. The accessories were so fitting. The people were so real.

Without a doubt, 2012 has been very challenging for me. I know, it's only April but most  some of you have no idea how challenging it really has been.  So, as I look at my wrist and truly believe everything happens for a reason (although I can't quite find that reason yet, ha!), reading stories about other people and their troubles sometimes brings me peace.

So now I share this with you so you too can begin to "Trust Your Journey" if there are some unknowns if your life.

Of course, I just had to have something to touch, wear, feel so when my small package came today, I was actually excited - and can't wait to wear this -

"Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever."  Keri Russell

and the packaging?!

What about a necklace that says "Strong Women.  May we know them.  May we raise them.  May we be them."  LOVE it!

Just thought I'd share =)


  1. such a wonderful post and I LOVE your new bracelet!! :) Hope you enjoy wearing it and stay strong!! :)

    1. Thanks Dawn! You would be such support these days =)