Just Chase....

Chase loved the 'night life' so wasn't a fan of doing anything that required him to be out of bed before noon, but, we were able to pull him away one day for what we call some "Chase time".

Mini golf was our first stop -
of course, he beat both of us -
I even got him to stop for a photo-op
But taking all his quarters to feed the fish is still his favorite thing to do, ha!

Our next stop was Broadway at the Beach!
within 50 seconds -
he had built this -
I guess he still is a kid at heart =)

It took another 30 plus minutes -
several changes

and patience from this lady
before it was finished
and all boxed up

so we could be seated at Crabby Mike's before our coupon expired, lol!
and he could have his favorite food -
I think he had a pretty fun day!

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