On Wednesday....

while Chase, Cierra & Courtney were at the ball game, we found a winery just 5 minutes from the field. We were hoping for a better 'find' than Sunday (that story will be shared soon) and our hope was fulfilled -
The place was BEAUTIFUL!
and it looks like we picked the perfect day -
The weather was great so we decided to take the 'walking tour' while sipping on one of their wines -
And then we heard the 'crickets'. That's Chase and Cierra's ring tone, lol! Washington was winning by 10 which meant the game would be over early. Earlier than we thought. The ladies at the winery were very nice. Placing our wine in the refrigerator and saving our map.

We grabbed lunch for the kids and headed back. They were such good sports =)
They even enjoyed the weather and atmosphere - Chase took advantage of getting pictures of the Koi -
This is truly a beautiful vineyard. If you are ever in Myrtle Beach and like wine, this is a MUST!

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