Lazy days...(Tuesday)

in Myrtle beach....but isn't that what vacation is all about?!

sleeping in late
enjoying coffee
watching The Today Show
loading up the 'cart' and heading to the beach which by the way, is actually very busy these days.....
walking along the shore, looking for some unique shells and of course, those famous MB shark teeth -

Ronnie did actually find a few teeth =)

It has been a little windy/breezy this week and from this looks of this, I'm not thinkin' he realized just how windy it was, lol!
A walk up to the lake without my camera wasn't a good idea.  This 35 lb carp was this guy's nice catch!

And invitations we can't pass up....Cierra wanting to take us out to a Pelican's ball game.  She would pay if we would drive, ha!  Sounds like a plan.
They didn't quite win but it was a beautiful evening for a ball game.

And speaking of beautiful weather.....we have had four straight days of sunshine and four perfect sunsets.  Lovin' this weather!

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