Spring Break 2012

This year's Spring break wasn't about packing the RV,  meals with characters or even standing in lines for the rides.  It wasn't about Disney at all.  You see this year we decided to go south of the border (aka Myrtle Beach to us) -

Cierra was invited to vacation with her bff which meant Chase, Ronnie and I would travel alone.  After some thought, we decided to head to the same, warm place and found a home just a few streets away from the one that Cierra would be staying.  After much planning and a little uncertainty (since we hadn't stayed here before), we packed the car and hit the road on Saturday morning.  After about 8 1/2 hours (and NO traffic =), we arrived safely -
and to say this place is HUGE, really doesn't describe it so I cut this excerpt to help you better understand all about this park -
Today, Ocean Lakes features 893 campsites and 2,554 annual lease sites on 310 oceanfront acres with nearly one mile of beachfront, four bathhouses, and more than 360 employees in the height of the camping season. It is the largest campground on the east coast and one of the largest in the United States. On an average seasonal day Ocean Lakes has 25,000 - 35,000 guests enjoying the countless amenities that have made it a local favorite and a national vacation destination. “We could do a lot of things with 310 oceanfront acres in Myrtle Beach, and we’ve had many lucrative offers, but we believe that everyone - the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker - should have the privilege of enjoying God’s beautiful ocean,” explains Nelson Jackson, during an interview when he was 88.

that's pretty big, huh?  Here's a map of the area -
but no worries.....within a few hours all the kids had navigated their way around and were very familiar with where all their friends are.  This just happens to be where many of the families from our county are staying for baseball tournaments for both our high schools.  Hmmmmm.....now it all makes sense why this would be a perfect place to vacation according to Cierra, ha!

In years past, bikes were a necessity.  Seems things have changed now that Chase and Cierra are older......this would be the new means of motoring -

and every night they 'ride the strip'.....lots of fun for them!  And everyone else -

In just a day, we have seen lots of things within these 310 acres.....

beautiful homes

campers made into homes

what a cool bar!

We watched family pictures be taken -

a baseball game -

kites being flown -

flip flops nearly float away, lol!

maybe they should have been carried like these -

we've even had our "cheeseburger in paradise"!

and, we're two for two right now for beautiful sunsets -

and for just a little while, our only worry in the world was if the tide was going to reach our blanket!

Have a great week ya'all!

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