EVERY night - for SEVEN days -

the kids would disappear at dusk, not returning until 11:00 p.m.

It was a community thing.

Everyone hopped on their golf carts and headed to 'the strip'!

Ronnie and I joined in the fun one night with Cierra and Courtney.  Chase of course, was too cool to be seen with us.

Last night we decided to walk down and see what they were up to on the last night (sorry for the 'not so good' photos =) -

There were some high-fives....
some fancy lights -
and it seemed like we sat for a long time, not seeing the same one twice!  Shew.....that's a lotta carts!
But just one street back, all was quiet and very serene.....

and today Chase takes one last run - 
returning our cart to catch up with the hundreds of other returns, ha!

It's time to say good-bye to another place we have come to love -
......the place we called our home for 7 days -
so it's back to 'reality'.  Where it's not all about sun, sand and palm trees.

We had a great time - See ya soon Myrtle Beach!

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