Georgetown -

On Thursday the ball game that Cierra and Courtney wanted to watch just happened to be five minutes from the quaint, beautiful, water town of Georgetown.
After dropping them off, within minutes we were walking along the dock taking in the beauty -

It was a busy little place -
But I was happy to find a 'wishing well'! Two wishes for me =)
there seems to be one of these everywhere down south, ha!
anyone wanna guess what this is? (I had no idea!)
If you guessed an 'old time' treadmill you're right. If you guessed a see-saw, you're with me, lol. 

We even had time for a quick bite at Buzz's Roost - I hope you can read the menu and info about Buzz.---- I asked if it was true and our waitress said "yep, I think so!"
yummy crab balls and oysters -

It was a pretty cool waterfront restaurant and we couldn't have ordered better weather.
We later learned that during 'peak' season you can actually come down to the dock, wait for the boats and get fresh seafood right off the boats. I'm thinking that sounds like a good plan next time we're in town.

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