March?! Really?!

Then why does it look like this?
And we're dressed like this?
Oh, that's because Sunset Hill's "Beat the Winter Blues" beach party wasn't about 'beating' winter but was about enjoying a very 'summer like' night, ha!
A steel drum band -
Some polynesian dancers -
and a sunset that was perfect!
We chatted with the owners who shared their latest EXCITING news!
talked with Lisa from the Washington Post -
But this little girl -
stole everyone's heart and for a small price (my umbrella, lol!) I received this beautiful flower =)
we are definitely enjoying this March weather. How about you?!


Happy Birthday Mom!

I hope you have a great day!


As seen on TV -

well, not really but here's the scoop...... Our deck has been neglected (for 14 years!).....but I love spending evenings out there with the tiki torches, campfire, music playing and maybe even a nice bottle of wine.

A few years ago, we purchased stain. a BIG 5 gallon container. It's still in the container. lol. So given our current state of spending a lot more time at home, we decided it was time to tidy it up a bit before we get out all the spring furniture. This purchase was wonderful (and a money maker at that, ha!)
And look at what a GREAT job it does - (before and after)
It looks like a brand new deck and going to be perfect for our 'sunset' evenings =)
So if you're local and want your deck/house/whatever power washed, (or even some other work done), I can certainly hook ya' up!


Happy Spring Y'all!

I'm happy to see ya and ALL the things that come along with you =)


PLAY Ball!

The dug out might look pretty empty but, today was 'opening day' for the Old Dominion League now known as FSPBL "Future State Prospects Baseball League" and Inferno definitely started the season off right!

We had a double header - and two wins!  Yay!  The boys did a great job.  With a few practices this week, they will be ready for their first tournament next weekend.

Yesterday's weather was perfect for their final scrimmage before the season kicked off.  And, if you're the umpire you definitely want some solid protection, right?!

from where I was sitting, I think this guy did a nice job, ha!  Ok, so I'm a little partial =)  Ronnie umpired and Chase was the catcher........

Chase made sure he got all the right signals -

and when it came time for pitching...the game face was on!
We have a great team this year and I'm very excited to spend the next few months with our new 'baseball/CTR family'!

Welcome spring -
I'm ready for ya!


Lovin' this weather...

To say we have had a mild winter would definitely be an understatement, especially since today IS March 14th, SUNNY, it's 84 degrees and it was a beautiful evening for floating on the river -
and that's exactly what we did, ha!

If you didn't know any better, you would think it was fall from the looks of this picture -
But thank goodness it's not, there's flowers blooming everywhere!
and I am soooo ready for the nice weather to stick around. so we can spend more time outside and enjoy the peaceful surroundings....
Happy Hump Day =)


All things baseball....

new cleats -

new gear -

even a whole new team!

This season has officially kicked off with the first scrimmage games yesterday and today. It's was just a little bit chilly yesterday but today?! Ahhhh SUNNY and mid 60's. Great baseball weather!

So good luck this season Chase and all the other CT/Ranson and Inferno boys (and coaches)!

Oh but wait.....another pair of shoes?

Ones we haven't had around here before for Chase. Can you guess?! Yes, he is part of the school track team and a 'sprinter' at that! Like Father; Like Son I guess. Fun times.



Last Saturday one of the places we visited had this -

Remember my Topsy Turvy from last year?! Well this is full of different kinds of lettuce! How cool is that?!

Now I'm wondering what other options I might have since a full fledged garden is NOT in my future. It's beautiful, huh?!


A couple rooms...

are in need of a make-over. I'm talking, walls, floors, the whole nine yards! But when I think about what color I may want, I am totally overwhelmed. Overwhelmed for a couple of reasons. First, once I convince Ronnie to paint, IT WILL STAY that way for AWHILE! Guaranteed! 

Over the weekend while visiting some of my favorite places -

she had a perfect solution to my paint dilemma. Yep, a paint quiz.

I checked it out and it's pretty interesting.  The colors selected for me based on some questions are very close to some of the rooms in our house.  Check it out!

So if you are ready for some Spring cleanin' and want to change up your colors, click here and take the mycolortopia quiz.  Happy painting!


Just hangin' out at the barn -

This weekend was another exciting one at our barn. All the excitement has been with Cierra and her lambs up to this point however it was time for Chase to get his 2012 Market Goat. He watched several for a while -
And eventually narrowed his choice down to two. He checked this little guy out -
After deciding, helped get him tagged -
And by the end of the month, he will join in the fun at the Triple C Corral!
But that's not all the excitement. Cierra received her lesson in turning 'ram' lambs into wethers, lol. With all the right tools and being ever so careful -
these guys will be just fine =)



First, let me just say that I LOVE my mac.  It's been nearly 3 years and it's still running fine, still under warranty, and still my all time favorite, best laptop.  I don't plan to ever own another brand. And one of the beauties is that you don't have to have anti-virus software.  No annual upgrades/purchases, no need to worry about deadly viruses that may bring you to your knees.   But....on occasion I do get that spinning, colorful wheel.  I've heard this referred to as the 'wheel of death' however it honestly hasn't caused me any trouble, it's just annoying and I have to wait for it to settle down before going anywhere.

Over the weekend, I stumbled upon MacKeeper 2012.  After reading what this does, I clicked, loaded and scanned.  Geez -

Then after I clicked 'fix items', I discovered that part of my problem was I had too many languages checked in my preferences.  Ummmm  do I really need Deutsch, Portugal, Spanish and about 15 others?  NO!  So i edited my list and rescanned then woolaa!

I have to admit that it's running a whole lot better.  I restarted and re-scanned without any issues and now seems to be pretty darn quick!  So if you too, have experienced this and wanna give this a try, check it out.
Just Click HERE!


Eggs anyone?!

Ronnie and I had the pleasure of meeting this young lady -
who isn't just your average little girl.  You see, she L O V E S  chickens....

so much that she just happens to be the 2nd largest chicken farmer in her county, ha!  How about that?!

And I think her chickens are pretty cute =)
We just never know who we're going to meet when we're out and about but one thing is for certain, it's ALWAYS interesting!