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well, not really but here's the scoop...... Our deck has been neglected (for 14 years!).....but I love spending evenings out there with the tiki torches, campfire, music playing and maybe even a nice bottle of wine.

A few years ago, we purchased stain. a BIG 5 gallon container. It's still in the container. lol. So given our current state of spending a lot more time at home, we decided it was time to tidy it up a bit before we get out all the spring furniture. This purchase was wonderful (and a money maker at that, ha!)
And look at what a GREAT job it does - (before and after)
It looks like a brand new deck and going to be perfect for our 'sunset' evenings =)
So if you're local and want your deck/house/whatever power washed, (or even some other work done), I can certainly hook ya' up!

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