First, let me just say that I LOVE my mac.  It's been nearly 3 years and it's still running fine, still under warranty, and still my all time favorite, best laptop.  I don't plan to ever own another brand. And one of the beauties is that you don't have to have anti-virus software.  No annual upgrades/purchases, no need to worry about deadly viruses that may bring you to your knees.   But....on occasion I do get that spinning, colorful wheel.  I've heard this referred to as the 'wheel of death' however it honestly hasn't caused me any trouble, it's just annoying and I have to wait for it to settle down before going anywhere.

Over the weekend, I stumbled upon MacKeeper 2012.  After reading what this does, I clicked, loaded and scanned.  Geez -

Then after I clicked 'fix items', I discovered that part of my problem was I had too many languages checked in my preferences.  Ummmm  do I really need Deutsch, Portugal, Spanish and about 15 others?  NO!  So i edited my list and rescanned then woolaa!

I have to admit that it's running a whole lot better.  I restarted and re-scanned without any issues and now seems to be pretty darn quick!  So if you too, have experienced this and wanna give this a try, check it out.
Just Click HERE!

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  1. Thanks a tons for sharing !!!! I'm going to try it when I get home !!!! Happy Monday :)