All things baseball....

new cleats -

new gear -

even a whole new team!

This season has officially kicked off with the first scrimmage games yesterday and today. It's was just a little bit chilly yesterday but today?! Ahhhh SUNNY and mid 60's. Great baseball weather!

So good luck this season Chase and all the other CT/Ranson and Inferno boys (and coaches)!

Oh but wait.....another pair of shoes?

Ones we haven't had around here before for Chase. Can you guess?! Yes, he is part of the school track team and a 'sprinter' at that! Like Father; Like Son I guess. Fun times.

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  1. Good luck at baseball, I'm sure he's excited to start playing !!!!
    We LOVE track around here and our boys are having their 1st meet Saturday ! It's starting to feel lots of like SPRING :)