PLAY Ball!

The dug out might look pretty empty but, today was 'opening day' for the Old Dominion League now known as FSPBL "Future State Prospects Baseball League" and Inferno definitely started the season off right!

We had a double header - and two wins!  Yay!  The boys did a great job.  With a few practices this week, they will be ready for their first tournament next weekend.

Yesterday's weather was perfect for their final scrimmage before the season kicked off.  And, if you're the umpire you definitely want some solid protection, right?!

from where I was sitting, I think this guy did a nice job, ha!  Ok, so I'm a little partial =)  Ronnie umpired and Chase was the catcher........

Chase made sure he got all the right signals -

and when it came time for pitching...the game face was on!
We have a great team this year and I'm very excited to spend the next few months with our new 'baseball/CTR family'!

Welcome spring -
I'm ready for ya!

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  1. You really got some awesome shots at the ball game! I am super ready for spring too, but I am ALWAYS ready for warm weather.