Two proud parents -

Yep - that we are and this is one reason =)

Cierra has been the President of her 4H Club, The Country Clovers for 4 years now and she does a great job.  I often brag about 4H but it truly has made a significant impact on her.  I remember some of the first meetings when one of the parents commented about how shy and quiet she was.  Well look at her now -

And she LOVES Mrs. Clara!

She balances her work, school, boyfriend and 4H, never skipping a beat.  Tonight was the annual Family Dinner -

It's a time that the 4H families come together and enjoy a home cooked meal.  We guess how many candy corns are in the jar -

We play 4H bingo -

Mrs. Clara is always recognized for all she does -

And a quick meeting with updates -

Then we all work together to clean up and call it a night.  Fun times.  Good times.  Memorable times.  


day dreamin'

I often joke about a small house with a white picket fence.

Simplicity.  Carefree.  So something like THIS would be JUST fine =) we could potentially live ANYWHERE!

Now....I'd probably have to rent some space or put a shed like this in the backyard for my scrapbook stuff, sewing machine, baskets, shoes, clothes.

Oh heck...I guess this really wouldn't work for me but I do love looking at all these small houses. Such a cool concept.Has everyone else been seeing al the options for really small homes?  Such a cool idea -


Just about this time....

every year I miss hopping around to some of the Nascar races -Especially the Daytona 500 (the ultimate kick-off)

If it weren't for this guy -

We wouldn't have invested in this -

and experienced Nascar country, lol!

And Chase wouldn't have been 'up close and personal' with this guy.

Yep, I guess you could say I miss these days.  RIP Dad.  Thanks for all the good times you allowed us to experience.



Yep - that's how we roll.  I love little bags -

from local people/friends/crafters -

and love the look, too.

Of course I can't neglect to remind you that yesterday was National Wine Day!  I didn't know it (believe it or not) but was quickly reminded by yet another friend.

So with our pork chops, mac n' cheese and veggies - it was this -

So whether you are supporting National Wine Day or our awesome local crafters...THANKS!


Wordless Wednesday?

I think not!  It's Ash Wednesday and that means there's so much to say.....

Forty Days -
The beginning of the Easter season.
Spring is coming!

It's funny because the Ash Wednesday post from 2009 was one of the first of my blog.  Click HERE to go back 6 years.  Wow.  Six years of our life right here in one link.

Anyway.  I do like Ash Wednesday.  I like reading daily passages and versus associated with Lent.  I don't typically 'give anything up' but that doesn't mean I don't believe.....It just means I know I probably won't stick with it, ha!

I downloaded an app for my iPhone (it is ALWAYS with me =).

 This is a daily reading which starts off explaining Ash Wednesday.  The ashes of today carry a sense of urgency.  They remind us that we are not permanent residents here on the earth.  This is a time of reflection and refocus.

Do you have a tradition for this time of year?



I never filled you in on what I actually went missing for almost a week.  Let me give you a few hints:

Four planes.
Stagnent air.
Sick people all around me.

Any guesses?  Ok, let me show you some pictures =)

Yep!  you guessed it.  S I C K.  I woke up on Sunday morning with that same feeling I had 5 years ago that landed me in the hospital for a few days.  We went to Med Express where I was checked for the flu (because of the sudden on-set) Negative.  Didn't hear any fluid but did hear wheezing so nebulizer.   A new inhaler.  Cough medicine with codeine.  And Z-pak just in case.

Two days later.  Fever.  Chills.  STILL very sick.  Off I go to my regular doctor who sent me for a chest x-ray and BAM.  Full Fledged PNEUMONIA.  I tried to tell them, ha!  New meds.  New inhaler and EKG.

I haven't been in a while so I did get to use this thing -

it reminded me of a kids iPad.  You check in.  Answer some questions.  Review a few advertisements that pertain to your specific health.  Pay your co-pay.  All on your own.  But.....ewwwwww  what about all the germs from the sick person before me?  Hand Sanitizer it is.

I am better now and ready to spend this Valentine's Day with my Valentine of 24 years.  xoxo


Do. Not. Judge.

But I can't wait to play this 'horrible' game with some friends this coming weekend.  PATHETIC, right?

Noooooo - it is just a fun game with hilarious answers to simple questions.  All in good fun.

Hey, we tried Friends - 

that was a little difficult and required a lot more thinking to play on a Saturday afternoon.

So we opted for UNO.  My "ma" used to LOVE playing UNO.  Her favorite color was green so every time she could lay down a green she would laugh.  And to think....this is the same deck she used to play.

We agreed to play until I won.  I totally suck.  I only took about 10 games, ha!

Any games in your 'bag o' tricks' that might make people wonder =)


Travel = SNOW

I was supposed to travel on Monday, the 2nd but we got some snow and ice.  With that in mind, I bumped my travel to the following week - leaving on the 9th.  It's never a good sign when your employee texts you on the way to the airport and says something like.....I hope you brought warm clothes and your winter driving skills.  We got 12 inches of snow yesterday.  UGH!

Big girl panties on.  Coat.  Gloves.  Off I go.

Yep - looks like fresh snow -

Once I landed, grabbed my car and off I go to my hotel for the night - just in time for the sunset.

My view wasn't too bad at work either.

I survived.  Good food.  Good days at work.  Even connected to my scrapbook stash from 1000 miles away -

After four days, I was ready to head home.  First stop Atlanta -

A beautiful city at night. Oh and then...excuse me.  Just because you are a tad bit bigger than us, please move so we can get into the gate.  I DO NOT want to miss my connection.

It was even kinda cool watching the flight info -

geez....I didn't realize it was so cold at 33,000 feet.  Brrrrrr

But all ended well.  Friendly skies and roads.  Back home safe and sound.  

And then while catching up on my blog reading, I discovered I was very blessed.  I might have seen and dealt with a foot of snow but....NOTHING like THIS!!  And I love the DRONE view.  

How many days til SPRING?!  


Will you be my Valentine?!

ha!  it's coming.  and sooner rather than later!

Everything I see lately points to THE day.  Is it over rated?  Who knows but it is a special day to spend with special people and do special things.  

I love following Carley and certainly have my share of gadgets thanks to her but check out some of the things on her wish list.  I love, LOVE the cord taco.  

What's on your list for Valentine's Day?  A movie?  Chocolate?  Dinner and a nice bottle of wine?  All of those work for me.  So CHOP CHOP......it's on it way.  Better be prepared!

This made me feel soooo much better =)

As I cleaned out my 'closet' in the spare room, I uncovered many, MANY unfinished journals.  FAIL. I read the pages and it brought back such memories but those memories stopped.  And now I can't even remember the actual date of the first tooth, first word or even first step of a few of the children.

In some ways I was sad.  It upset me that I didn't dedicate more time to ensuring I could recount every special moment.

It upset me that the pictures (countless) are in boxes, crates, bins.  Not in scrapbooks.  Newspaper clippings, memorabilia lose.  Not in scrapbooks.

I felt somewhat overwhelmed.  And then I opened this e:mail from Jennifer and it helped me re-focus and prioritize and not beat myself up.  Yay me and thanks Jennifer!

And my words to you?!  It's never too late to START and better yet,  it's never too late to finish what you started if that's your wish.

Happy memory making...


family night....

Sadly enough I couldn't enjoy family night with my own family BUT.....i was honored to be invited to enjoy family night with this group - beautiful family.....perfect dinner

They were awesome and my food was very yummy =)

We are already planning my next visit to have a 'girls pedicure' outing.  Yippee!

Now, it's time to pack and get ready to head home tomorrow.  Can't wait =)


Been there.....Done that....

On my way back to the hotel after work I decided to stop at Trader Joe's.

 I have heard lots of good things about this place so with nothing else to do....why not?!

Well....it was OKAY but honestly I wouldn't go out of my way to shop there.  Maybe it is just this one in West Des Moines ?!

Regardless, I strolled down each and every isle.  Looking at all the 'different things' that I wouldn't find at home or in a regular grocery store -

So here goes - bulk jalapeƱos and avocados  -  Ronnie would love that =)

Frozen asparagus?!

and for dessert?  Chocolate covered bananas and pumpkin macarons

Some Mid Western Pale Ale -

Cheap wine -

Happy wine -

and who remembers this from A&P?

Here's their newest treat - Chocolate with pop rocks.....ha!

And let's not overlook the seaweed -

But we CANNOT go without finding the preserved sliced lemons.  LOL

The one thing I did want to pick up (based on their web-site) was the Broccoli chips.  Wouldn't you know they were out of them, ha!

I purchased NOTHING but am sure everyone that saw me thought I was a secret shopper or something.  Find.......Position......SNAP!

Have y'all been to Trader Joe's?  What do you go for and how far do you travel?!