Wordless Wednesday?

I think not!  It's Ash Wednesday and that means there's so much to say.....

Forty Days -
The beginning of the Easter season.
Spring is coming!

It's funny because the Ash Wednesday post from 2009 was one of the first of my blog.  Click HERE to go back 6 years.  Wow.  Six years of our life right here in one link.

Anyway.  I do like Ash Wednesday.  I like reading daily passages and versus associated with Lent.  I don't typically 'give anything up' but that doesn't mean I don't believe.....It just means I know I probably won't stick with it, ha!

I downloaded an app for my iPhone (it is ALWAYS with me =).

 This is a daily reading which starts off explaining Ash Wednesday.  The ashes of today carry a sense of urgency.  They remind us that we are not permanent residents here on the earth.  This is a time of reflection and refocus.

Do you have a tradition for this time of year?

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