What am I afraid of?

Spiders.  Snakes.  Cancer.  Being alone.  Losing a child or husband.  Fire.  Water.  Heights.  Wow.....I have a lot of fears and I am SURE I missed some.

I was contacted by someone a few months back about participating and sharing the knowledge around Mesothelioma.  You see this beautiful lady had to face (head on) one of my fears.  The odds were against her totally.  Very Scary!

I didn't know what Mesothelioma was but now know.  I didn't wear my dad's jacket but was certainly around things that are bad for the lungs.  And I often think about lung cancer.  I have asthma.  I cough.  I sound like a smoker.  Blah Blah Blah.  But.....the best part of this story though is that was NINE years ago.  Woohoo!  Heather beat the odds.  She won the battle.  So now every year on THIS day - Heather declares LUNG LEAVIN' DAY  This is the day that you or whoever overcome your fears.  You write the on a paper plate and throw them in the fire.  How awesome is that?!

So here's my challenge to each of you.  Figure out that one fear that you would just love to throw in the fire.  I will admit that we are late.  We will have to do this late and 'in honor of Heather'.  But there's still time.  Tonight.  Tomorrow.  The weekend.  Throw that plate in the fire and feel better!

How can you not do that in honor of this success story of this beautiful lady?!

Cheers! And just in case you didn't know.....click on the RED  words to see more =)  xoxo

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