There's a story.  It is short.  As a kid, what Mom fixed we ate.  I didn't like Chili.

As an adult.  I wouldn't try Chili.  Until......Ronnie made some.  Yum!  I liked it.  Finally.  

I even branched out, and learned to like White Chicken Chili.  To top it off, I could eat it for a few days.  Wow. my how things change =)

And then it was time -

So the ingredients were purchased -

The crock pots came out -

and I smelled Chilli for two days.  Morning and night.  Hmmmm..

We arrived on Saturday -

and the people came -  getting their 2 ounces to try - then casting their ballots -

It was interesting.  It was different.  It was a long 4 hours, haha!  But it was fun and some people were truly in it for the money and this little trophy -

No he didn't win.  No he didn't place in the top three.  But it felt great to support Lynn and the Grove's team.  Oh and NO.....I don't want chili for a while =)

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