Travel = SNOW

I was supposed to travel on Monday, the 2nd but we got some snow and ice.  With that in mind, I bumped my travel to the following week - leaving on the 9th.  It's never a good sign when your employee texts you on the way to the airport and says something like.....I hope you brought warm clothes and your winter driving skills.  We got 12 inches of snow yesterday.  UGH!

Big girl panties on.  Coat.  Gloves.  Off I go.

Yep - looks like fresh snow -

Once I landed, grabbed my car and off I go to my hotel for the night - just in time for the sunset.

My view wasn't too bad at work either.

I survived.  Good food.  Good days at work.  Even connected to my scrapbook stash from 1000 miles away -

After four days, I was ready to head home.  First stop Atlanta -

A beautiful city at night. Oh and then...excuse me.  Just because you are a tad bit bigger than us, please move so we can get into the gate.  I DO NOT want to miss my connection.

It was even kinda cool watching the flight info -

geez....I didn't realize it was so cold at 33,000 feet.  Brrrrrr

But all ended well.  Friendly skies and roads.  Back home safe and sound.  

And then while catching up on my blog reading, I discovered I was very blessed.  I might have seen and dealt with a foot of snow but....NOTHING like THIS!!  And I love the DRONE view.  

How many days til SPRING?!  

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