I never filled you in on what I actually went missing for almost a week.  Let me give you a few hints:

Four planes.
Stagnent air.
Sick people all around me.

Any guesses?  Ok, let me show you some pictures =)

Yep!  you guessed it.  S I C K.  I woke up on Sunday morning with that same feeling I had 5 years ago that landed me in the hospital for a few days.  We went to Med Express where I was checked for the flu (because of the sudden on-set) Negative.  Didn't hear any fluid but did hear wheezing so nebulizer.   A new inhaler.  Cough medicine with codeine.  And Z-pak just in case.

Two days later.  Fever.  Chills.  STILL very sick.  Off I go to my regular doctor who sent me for a chest x-ray and BAM.  Full Fledged PNEUMONIA.  I tried to tell them, ha!  New meds.  New inhaler and EKG.

I haven't been in a while so I did get to use this thing -

it reminded me of a kids iPad.  You check in.  Answer some questions.  Review a few advertisements that pertain to your specific health.  Pay your co-pay.  All on your own.  But.....ewwwwww  what about all the germs from the sick person before me?  Hand Sanitizer it is.

I am better now and ready to spend this Valentine's Day with my Valentine of 24 years.  xoxo

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