This made me feel soooo much better =)

As I cleaned out my 'closet' in the spare room, I uncovered many, MANY unfinished journals.  FAIL. I read the pages and it brought back such memories but those memories stopped.  And now I can't even remember the actual date of the first tooth, first word or even first step of a few of the children.

In some ways I was sad.  It upset me that I didn't dedicate more time to ensuring I could recount every special moment.

It upset me that the pictures (countless) are in boxes, crates, bins.  Not in scrapbooks.  Newspaper clippings, memorabilia lose.  Not in scrapbooks.

I felt somewhat overwhelmed.  And then I opened this e:mail from Jennifer and it helped me re-focus and prioritize and not beat myself up.  Yay me and thanks Jennifer!

And my words to you?!  It's never too late to START and better yet,  it's never too late to finish what you started if that's your wish.

Happy memory making...

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