Been there.....Done that....

On my way back to the hotel after work I decided to stop at Trader Joe's.

 I have heard lots of good things about this place so with nothing else to do....why not?!

Well....it was OKAY but honestly I wouldn't go out of my way to shop there.  Maybe it is just this one in West Des Moines ?!

Regardless, I strolled down each and every isle.  Looking at all the 'different things' that I wouldn't find at home or in a regular grocery store -

So here goes - bulk jalapeños and avocados  -  Ronnie would love that =)

Frozen asparagus?!

and for dessert?  Chocolate covered bananas and pumpkin macarons

Some Mid Western Pale Ale -

Cheap wine -

Happy wine -

and who remembers this from A&P?

Here's their newest treat - Chocolate with pop rocks.....ha!

And let's not overlook the seaweed -

But we CANNOT go without finding the preserved sliced lemons.  LOL

The one thing I did want to pick up (based on their web-site) was the Broccoli chips.  Wouldn't you know they were out of them, ha!

I purchased NOTHING but am sure everyone that saw me thought I was a secret shopper or something.  Find.......Position......SNAP!

Have y'all been to Trader Joe's?  What do you go for and how far do you travel?!

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