Two proud parents -

Yep - that we are and this is one reason =)

Cierra has been the President of her 4H Club, The Country Clovers for 4 years now and she does a great job.  I often brag about 4H but it truly has made a significant impact on her.  I remember some of the first meetings when one of the parents commented about how shy and quiet she was.  Well look at her now -

And she LOVES Mrs. Clara!

She balances her work, school, boyfriend and 4H, never skipping a beat.  Tonight was the annual Family Dinner -

It's a time that the 4H families come together and enjoy a home cooked meal.  We guess how many candy corns are in the jar -

We play 4H bingo -

Mrs. Clara is always recognized for all she does -

And a quick meeting with updates -

Then we all work together to clean up and call it a night.  Fun times.  Good times.  Memorable times.  

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