A day with the Lilly's

Darryll, Denise, Brian and Amanda just happen to be in OC the first week we were there so we planned a day to get our families together. They arrived around noon and we decided to go for a boat ride. Shew - it rained, and rained, and thundered and was really windy. We all got soaked (to say the least) but no one complained. By the time we got back, the rain had stopped and were able to just sit on the deck and let the kids 'do their thing'.

I must admit that the 'deck' is a popular place and loved by all. You just never know what's going to be pulled out of the water next. In this case, I'm really not sure exactly what they were lookin' for...This little guy was NOT Brian's best friend, lol!but he was still smilin' even after the attack, ha!The jet skis were a hit, too.....I'm thinkin' Amanda got a little wet...As the day passed, we decided to get pizza for the kids and fix pina coladas for the women. Yum! I am an official Pina colada maker (and a good one at that!).

We wrapped up the day with a beautiful Sunset Cruise.....and lil Miss Amanda says this sunset looks just like a hamburger, lol! Through a child's eyes....LOVE it!So, thanks Denise and Darryll, it was a lot of fun!More to come on our two week vacation but a certain little person (wink, wink) has been waiting on this one =)


The last Wednesday in July -

is the annual Chincoteague Pony Swim. We have witnessed this a few times while vacationing in OC and have been known to schedule our trip around this event. It is definitely something to watch but you have to be patient. It requires getting up really early, sitting/standing in whatever the weather conditions bless you with and tolerating many, many people. But it is oh sooo worth it!

Back in 1998 my parents bought the house on the bay in OC. During many of our vacations I chatted with the lady that lived next door. Her name was Carollynn. We would sit on the deck at night, she on her's and me on mine and talk about the weather, what books we were reading and anything else that came to mind. She told me many stories those nights. I liked her. Suddenly we didn't see her as much. Was it because our vacations were off schedule? Eventually we saw some people next door that told us she has passed. How sad we were. Today we found out that she was really an angel....sent here for just a short period of time. Read this story and I'm sure you will believe as well -

"Bayou Baby" and "Salt Shaker"

A few months ago when Cierra heard we were trying to sell our jet skis, she was pretty upset. She likes them. Didn't want canoes. Wanted to take them to the beach....this year. Besides, they are older than she is. So - here we they are....with us.....and we're ALL glad =)
Yesterday we 'put 'em' in just cross the Delaware line. Since Chase isn't old enough to drive one back to the house one always gets towed.
After we got all settled in, the water was like glass so we decided to take a ride. I think by the time the evening was over we were all thanking Cierra. This afternoon we took them to the 'back' where it is very quiet, deserted and calm. And every now and then the rules get broken and new drivers get introduced! (wink, wink)

A nice ride then time to clean 'em up -

Notice who cleans mine up?! Love him =)

So Cierra - Thanks again!


Post Race Celebration

While Chase was chillin' out at the pool with this Dylan (and his brothers) who was our Stock Champ...
we decided to take Donna and John to our favorite 'Portage County' winery...
We had a very nice evening out and I think they agree that the Maize Winery is pretty cool....We came home and took a walk on a trail Chase told us about...and he was right - it opened up to a beautiful view of the lake....
What a beautiful finale' to a wonderful week!

Home tomorrow to unpack and re-pack but we wouldn't trade our life for anything!

One and Done

If you're not familiar with how the All American Derby runs, it's a single elimination and not based on time. So - during the first heats, only one driver advances which means 2/3rds of the driver's are done. Well - Chase just happened to be in that 2/3rd mix.

Megan Carden from Kokomo, Indiana advanced which meant Chase was quickly eliminated. While it's tough to see the kids lose, Akron is very vocal about ensuring that each CHAMP knows they come to Akron as a champ and leave as a CHAMP, regardless of the results.

So many friends are made during this week. Not only with the children but with the families. It has been a very memorable week and we are honored to have a CHAMP among us.

Good Job Chase!

He moved on and is in the pool, planning the beach trip that we leave for on Monday. I must admit he's a pretty good sport and knows what it is to win and lose.

Here's some pictures from the day -

The Akron police start off the parade...All the CHAMPS 'parade' down the hill - Here's my "favorite" champ =)Chase makin' his way down the hill -it looks pretty close but Chase is actually falling behind...Looks like the 'stretching' exercises worked - he's pretty low - A heartfelt thanks to all of you that followed him throughout the morning and sent all the "good luck" wishes - It was great!

It's RACE day!

Ronnie with his 'game face' and Chase ready to go racing=) Good luck Chase Man!

Here are the heat sheets....


Race Week - Days 4 & 5

Yesterday and today have been pretty 'lazy' days around here. There were a few activities for the CHAMPS but for the most part it was free time.

Chase spent time most of his day today sleeping in, riding his bike and in the pool. Stretching has become a part of his daily routine (actually many times throughout the day). We did get adventurous this afternoon though and...went beyond the "caution" tape" for a mini photo shoot....(check out this boat!)
So we tried to have some fun and get his mind away from racing for a little bit...perfect photo op, huh?Ok, now back to the real reason we're here! Tomorrow is the BIG day. Mom, Dad, Donna, John, Britt and Cierra arrived safely! Everything is set to kick-off the day at around 6;45 a.m.

I hope all of you out there will be cheering him on. If you're interested in following along; play by play, click here

Chase's fan club is ready to start cheering! GO CHASE!!


On a whim....

It seems like no matter where we go, we always make the best of our travels - so many people complain about Akron and the 'lack' of things to do but.....after my 'birthday adventures' we were on our way home and Ronnie happened to notice a sign that said "Maize Winery and Fruit Market" with an arrow pointing to the opposite direction we were heading. After asking Chase if he wanted to be taken back to the campground, we dropped him off (lol) then headed in that direction. Look what we landed on - !a car show, produce market and perfect little winery. We tasted 7 different wines and bought 6, ha! I love the labels -
Check out their story....
we bought some sweet corn for the weekend, too.

It was the perfect finale' to a wonderful birthday. Thanks Ronnie!On the way home we passed this in Hartville - I love old buildings and towns like this!

Now it's dinner on the grill, fresh produce and a nice bottle of wine. It was a great birthday!

Happy Birthday to me!

There's something to be said about spending your birthday in another city.

We're in sunny/rainy Akron for the week and the only child we have had all week is Chase. Cierra and Britt are coming tomorrow. It does seem odd that I won't see any of them or my sister/bro-in-law or parents today.

Regardless, it was a memorable day. Ronnie had a "directors meeting' in Akron then came home and fixed breakfast on the grill. I worked until noon then we headed to a really 'bad' place if you're watching your girlish figure, haha!We took a tour that was very interesting. This place has the contract with Disney to provide their chocolate - how cool! Unfortunately I couldn't take pictures. But....I opted for this over a birthday cake (no surprise, right?)All week I have been seeing these "drive thru" places but had never been to one so....here we go!You pull thru, tell the attendant what you want to purchase and they bring it right to your car. I'm thinking these would be pretty dangerous in WV, haha!
Most of you know but I'm totally addicted to Chick-fil-a's unsweetened tea and was starting to have withdrawals but....Ronnie and Chase came through today, we had lunch there and I got my "fix".

We were going to tour the Goodyear plant but are saving that for tomorrow. Enough excitement and adventure for one day - it was great!

Plus I have received sooooo many birthday wishes on Facebook! Wow - forgot I had so many friends. Thanks to everyone that wished me a Happy Birthday - it means a lot!


Race Week - Day 3

Up early again this morning (that is if you think 8:00 is early =)

Schedule for today:
2nd Trial Run
New Wheels
Group Picture
Evening off!

Ronnie and Chase headed to "topside" at around 8:45 this morning. The alignment was almost perfect and trial run was much better than yesterday! Looks like that added weight made a difference.

Now, new wheels...his black ones are from his 2008 Akron run - what color are they this year?
white? I kinda like the black better....oh well as long as they are fast, right?Now, all packed away until RACE day! Starting to get exciting....

In 2008 Chase was beat in his 3rd heat by this young lady from Charleston, WV. She's back this year too, as a Super Stock Local Champ.
Group photo - 4:15 p.m. All the Local Super Stock Champs - that's a lot of competition, ha!
After the picture Ronnie and Chase walked the track and discussed the 'strategy', lol! At one point Ronnie had a level and two different kinds of balls to see just exactly how the track falls...

This year they actually let people tour the buildings of all the cars. Somewhat surprising - I see sabotage could be an issue =) Check out some of these paint jobs. Chase is getting ideas for his Masters car next year....looks like he needs a lot of sponsors!
The Candyland one is so cute! And here's the driver!Now, these two pictures are just for Kayden...

I'm going to leave you with this...this is what we will see Saturday morning on the hill. Kokomo girl on the left, Chase in the middle and Ashton from San Diego on the right.....who's gonna win?