Race Week - Day 3

Up early again this morning (that is if you think 8:00 is early =)

Schedule for today:
2nd Trial Run
New Wheels
Group Picture
Evening off!

Ronnie and Chase headed to "topside" at around 8:45 this morning. The alignment was almost perfect and trial run was much better than yesterday! Looks like that added weight made a difference.

Now, new wheels...his black ones are from his 2008 Akron run - what color are they this year?
white? I kinda like the black better....oh well as long as they are fast, right?Now, all packed away until RACE day! Starting to get exciting....

In 2008 Chase was beat in his 3rd heat by this young lady from Charleston, WV. She's back this year too, as a Super Stock Local Champ.
Group photo - 4:15 p.m. All the Local Super Stock Champs - that's a lot of competition, ha!
After the picture Ronnie and Chase walked the track and discussed the 'strategy', lol! At one point Ronnie had a level and two different kinds of balls to see just exactly how the track falls...

This year they actually let people tour the buildings of all the cars. Somewhat surprising - I see sabotage could be an issue =) Check out some of these paint jobs. Chase is getting ideas for his Masters car next year....looks like he needs a lot of sponsors!
The Candyland one is so cute! And here's the driver!Now, these two pictures are just for Kayden...

I'm going to leave you with this...this is what we will see Saturday morning on the hill. Kokomo girl on the left, Chase in the middle and Ashton from San Diego on the right.....who's gonna win?

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