On a whim....

It seems like no matter where we go, we always make the best of our travels - so many people complain about Akron and the 'lack' of things to do but.....after my 'birthday adventures' we were on our way home and Ronnie happened to notice a sign that said "Maize Winery and Fruit Market" with an arrow pointing to the opposite direction we were heading. After asking Chase if he wanted to be taken back to the campground, we dropped him off (lol) then headed in that direction. Look what we landed on - !a car show, produce market and perfect little winery. We tasted 7 different wines and bought 6, ha! I love the labels -
Check out their story....
we bought some sweet corn for the weekend, too.

It was the perfect finale' to a wonderful birthday. Thanks Ronnie!On the way home we passed this in Hartville - I love old buildings and towns like this!

Now it's dinner on the grill, fresh produce and a nice bottle of wine. It was a great birthday!

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