Next up.....

Baseball is done for the season. Shew....don't know that I've ever been so ready for it but this year Ronnie and I are ready to move on for a variety of reasons.

This week our boys played in the District Tournament. We won the first game. Lost the second. Won the 3rd. Lost the 4th. All in all they did pretty good but just couldn't pull it away from Winchester. Chase moves up to the 'big boys' field next season so this really is closing another chapter.

Regardless, we are all proud of the Summit Point Pinnacles!I am still wondering though if we could have won the 2nd game if this was our 3rd baseman =)As most of you know, there's always something going on here at Crockett's Corner. So, our next adventure starts next Sunday when we head to Akron, Ohio for the All American Soap Box Derby.

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