"Bayou Baby" and "Salt Shaker"

A few months ago when Cierra heard we were trying to sell our jet skis, she was pretty upset. She likes them. Didn't want canoes. Wanted to take them to the beach....this year. Besides, they are older than she is. So - here we they are....with us.....and we're ALL glad =)
Yesterday we 'put 'em' in just cross the Delaware line. Since Chase isn't old enough to drive one back to the house one always gets towed.
After we got all settled in, the water was like glass so we decided to take a ride. I think by the time the evening was over we were all thanking Cierra. This afternoon we took them to the 'back' where it is very quiet, deserted and calm. And every now and then the rules get broken and new drivers get introduced! (wink, wink)

A nice ride then time to clean 'em up -

Notice who cleans mine up?! Love him =)

So Cierra - Thanks again!

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