Happy Birthday to me!

There's something to be said about spending your birthday in another city.

We're in sunny/rainy Akron for the week and the only child we have had all week is Chase. Cierra and Britt are coming tomorrow. It does seem odd that I won't see any of them or my sister/bro-in-law or parents today.

Regardless, it was a memorable day. Ronnie had a "directors meeting' in Akron then came home and fixed breakfast on the grill. I worked until noon then we headed to a really 'bad' place if you're watching your girlish figure, haha!We took a tour that was very interesting. This place has the contract with Disney to provide their chocolate - how cool! Unfortunately I couldn't take pictures. But....I opted for this over a birthday cake (no surprise, right?)All week I have been seeing these "drive thru" places but had never been to one so....here we go!You pull thru, tell the attendant what you want to purchase and they bring it right to your car. I'm thinking these would be pretty dangerous in WV, haha!
Most of you know but I'm totally addicted to Chick-fil-a's unsweetened tea and was starting to have withdrawals but....Ronnie and Chase came through today, we had lunch there and I got my "fix".

We were going to tour the Goodyear plant but are saving that for tomorrow. Enough excitement and adventure for one day - it was great!

Plus I have received sooooo many birthday wishes on Facebook! Wow - forgot I had so many friends. Thanks to everyone that wished me a Happy Birthday - it means a lot!

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  1. Happy Birthday! Yum..chocolate! I'm craving it now!