Race Week - Days 4 & 5

Yesterday and today have been pretty 'lazy' days around here. There were a few activities for the CHAMPS but for the most part it was free time.

Chase spent time most of his day today sleeping in, riding his bike and in the pool. Stretching has become a part of his daily routine (actually many times throughout the day). We did get adventurous this afternoon though and...went beyond the "caution" tape" for a mini photo shoot....(check out this boat!)
So we tried to have some fun and get his mind away from racing for a little bit...perfect photo op, huh?Ok, now back to the real reason we're here! Tomorrow is the BIG day. Mom, Dad, Donna, John, Britt and Cierra arrived safely! Everything is set to kick-off the day at around 6;45 a.m.

I hope all of you out there will be cheering him on. If you're interested in following along; play by play, click here

Chase's fan club is ready to start cheering! GO CHASE!!

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